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Expressing e-motion for roads!

During the recent Pavement Preservation and Recycling Summit 2015 (PPRS 2015) the importance of road maintenance and the need to make this of ‘social interest’ was highlighted. Road e-motion is an online platform designed to engage with road users and related organisations to establish a voice to represent this very social interest in the maintenance of our road networks.

As the basis of the global transport infrastructure, roads are an essential asset in daily life. We want to drive on safe roads and we appreciate quiet roads for a better living environment. We want to avoid unnecessary reactive maintenance shutdowns so that we can be on time at work, or get home to our family faster.

This is why we have to make roads a social issue . A fact that was underlined by Jean-Francois Corté, General Secretary, World Road Association (PIARC), in his closing speech at the Pavement Preservation and Recycling Summit, PPRS, in February this year.

Research conducted by a group of industry organisations, including Nynas, revealed that in many countries there is an existing social interest in roads, but there is no platform for the general public and other users of roads to join together and discuss the issues that affect them the most.

In order to change this, the ERF (European Road Federation) launched the Road e-motion platform, which uses social media sites to actively engage with road users, media, road industry officials and authorities. The end goal is to inspire action for better roads generated from road users themselves and ensure that their voices are heard.

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