A new refinery landscape

The overall impact of IMO 2020, Covid-19 and the closure of outdated refineries has increased the benefit of bitumen expertise and specialisation. The question is who will produce bitumen in the future?


Nynas expertise highlighted

This year’s E&E Congress will feature presentations of a large number of technical articles, representing top-level expertise in current bitumen and asphalt technology. Experts from Nynas have contributed to several of these, in some cases as lead author. Dr Anna Steneholm, Group Specialist Toxicology, and Dr Ian Lancaster, UK Technical Manager, have also been selected to give oral presentations.


The importance of interlayer bond coat application during pavement construction

With our collective duty to ensure sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions, it is more important than ever that the road construction industry strives to get things right first time and build structures to last. That implies new structures, as well as maintenance interventions, must be effectively designed and the installation must truly reflect that design.

Talking point

Talking point: E&E Congress 2021

Three leading industry representatives talk about their expectations of the E&E Congress, which for the first time is being held digitally this year.


All the key players are working together to achieve the best possible result.

Katri Eskola, Specialist Road Maintenance Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Talking point: The COVID-19 pandemic


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The Moment
10:30 AM
04 May
Harburg, Germany

Findlay Jenkins, Process Support Engineer for the Special Products Plant, recording and checking the function of a Coriolis Flowmeter as part of monthly process checks. Findlay works within the Eastham Operations department, supporting production and maintenance activities.

The Eastham plant manufactures bitumen emulsions and polymer modified bitumens for the whole of the United Kingdom market. As the climate in the UK is relatively mild, polymer modified bitumen production is a year-round activity for new road construction and maintenance, while bitumen emulsion production is more seasonal, with the busiest period in the summer months.

Findlay will closely monitor sales forecasts, raw materials and finished product stock levels. Careful planning of deliveries is essential in ensuring that there are no interruptions in production and in order to keep up with high customer demand throughout the year.

Airport runway renovation

Skanska has been renovating large parts of the runway at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. They chose the polymer modified bitumen Nynas Endura Z3 to ensure the highest quality.