Minimising the risk of boil-over

It is extremely important that the driver always makes sure that the tank is free of water or aqueous products before loading bitumen.

Sustainable Development

Nynas invests for reliable production and reduced GHG emissions

Nynas is investing SEK 190 million to secure the supply of bitumen for the Nordic infrastructure. At the same time, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 34%.


The road to new mobility

An international benchmark study highlights the road industry’s role in the transformation of road infrastructure and the development of new mobility.


Stop and full speed ahead

On 27 November 2020, after 46 days and 8,000 activities with no accidents and not one single person being infected with COVID-19, a turnaround was completed at the Nynas refinery in Harburg.


All the key players are working together to achieve the best possible result.

Katri Eskola, Specialist Road Maintenance Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Talking point: The COVID-19 pandemic


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The Moment
18 Dezember
Harburg, Germany

Moritz Fenske has just started loading bitumen onto the bitumen tanker Bitland by one of the jetties at the Nynas refinery in Harburg. The ship, which is about 100 m long and has a maximum cargo capacity of 4,972 TDW, mainly serves ports around the North Sea, almost exclusively for Nynas.

The loading arm, which Moritz is connecting to the loading nozzle by means of remote control, has a capacity of roughly 300 tonnes per hour. Today the cargo consists of a soft bitumen, which will be transported to the refinery in Gothenburg.

Moritz’s job as loading master includes not only connecting and disconnecting the loading arm and managing the operation of the pumps; he must also plan the loading operation together with the ship’s captain and make sure that all safety procedures are followed to the last detail.

Karin Hennung, Product HSE

It is an overarching objective for Nynas to minimise the impact of its products on health, safety and the environment. Playing a key role in this work is Product HSE.