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A66 Crackenthorpe, Cumbria

Nypave PX 50 is a highly modified 40/60 pen binder produced from selected bitumen feedstock. It is rheologically modified to deliver enhanced performance characteristics – including lower temperature compaction and rapid hardening of asphalt.

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E20 Gothenburg

Major carriageway refurbishment has been carried out to the E20 near Gotheburg, western Sweden, during June and July 2016. Asphalting took place in parallel across three lanes to speed surfacing works and minimise disruption to traffic.

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Essingeleden, Sweden

When one of Sweden’s most heavily trafficked roads needed resurfacing, the durability of polymer modified bitumen was required to meet the challenge.

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E6 into Malmö, Sweden

The E6, which is under the Swedish Transport Administration’s area of responsibility, apart from a small section that the City of Malmo manages, carries up to 40,000 vehicle movements per day on certain parts of the route.

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New Road, Nowe Zawady, Poznan, Poland

There was a need to improve traffic flow in an important part of the City of Poznań, connecting the Środka roundabout with the crossroads at Prymasa Hlonda and Głowna streets. It was decided to build a 1.13km long dual carriageway; the value of the contract being PLN40 million.

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A9 at Carrbridge, Scotland

Environmentally sustainable techniques and long lasting materials were required for a road reconstruction contract on the A9 at Carrbridge near Inverness. The two lane single carriageway originally featured a lean mix concrete base.

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N03/56 Zürich-Wollishofen bis Wädenswil, Vorausmassnahmen Trasse

Eine stetig anwachsende Verkehrslast - sowohl in Bezug auf die Anzahl der Fahrzeuge als auch deren Achsbelastungen - bedeutet, dass die Straßenoberflächen mehr und mehr beansprucht werden. Im Sinne einer vorgezogenen Sofortmassnahme musste auf dem beschriebenen Teilstück eine Oberbausanierung durchgeführt werden. Das Teilstück galt bei Regen als stark Aquaplaning gefährdet und musste deshalb auch bezüglich der Oberflächen-Entwässerung neu konzipiert werden.

Mehr erfahren N03/56 Zürich-Wollishofen bis Wädenswil, Vorausmassnahmen Trasse

Bab 5, zwischen Frankfurt und Darmstadt

Nynas Endura N3 ist ein hochpolymer modifiziertes Premium-Heißmischgut-Bindemittel. Das Produkt hat ausgezeichnete Eigenschaften bei der Verarbeitung und ist speziell dafür entwickelt worden, das optimale Verhältnis zwischen Standfestigkeit und Flexibilität zu bieten. Nynas Endura N3 ist für die anspruchsvollsten Anwendungen in Gussasphaltbauweise geeignet.

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E4 Motorway, Kropp interchange, Helsingborg, Sweden

Large scale trials of flexible surfacing materials are under way in Sweden. The hope is that flexible bitumen can be a key component in repairing surfacing courses with significant crack formation.

Mehr erfahren E4 Motorway, Kropp interchange, Helsingborg, Sweden

A36 - Beaune to Besançon

The recycling approach is gaining value in light of corporate commitments to sustainable development. A professional goal has been set to recycle 60% of bituminous materials by 2012. Consideration was given to using recycled materials during the reinstatement of carriageways of the A36 autoroute in France.

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RV3 Tynset/Alvdal, Norway

The existing pavement for road RV3 in Norway was based on a rather soft 330/430 PEN standard bitumen. High vehicle use in cold climatic conditions meant that the road was suffering and its load carrying capacity had begun to fail.

Mehr erfahren RV3 Tynset/Alvdal, Norway

E19, Meer, Belgium

Resurfacing of motorway E19 at Meer – close to the border with the Netherlands – called for the use of enhanced performance asphalt. Work had to take place with minimum disruption to busy traffic flows between countries.

Mehr erfahren E19, Meer, Belgium

E47/E20, Falster, Danmark

The E47/E2 forms part of Denmarks 'Big H' motorway network. A seven kilometre section of the 'Sydmotorvejen' route's southbound carriageway had fallen into disrepair, becoming cracked and uneven. Major reconstruction of the concrete pavement was required.

Mehr erfahren E47/E20, Falster, Danmark

Bundesautobahn A1 Zwischen Osnabrück und bremen bauabschnitt as lohne/dinklage - as vechta, deutschland

Die A 1 ist eine der wichtigsten und höchstbeanspruchten Straßenverbindungen innerhalb der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Die so genannte „Hansalinie“, führt von Oldenburg bis nach Saarbrücken und dient der Anbindung des Ruhrgebietes an die norddeutschen Seehäfen Bremen, Hamburg und Lübeck, sowie zur Abwicklung des touristischen Verkehrs zur Nord- und Ostsee.

Mehr erfahren Bundesautobahn A1 Zwischen Osnabrück und bremen bauabschnitt as lohne/dinklage - as vechta, deutschland

E18 Langaker - Bommestad, Norway

Poor surface conditions and high traffic loads on a section of the E18 between Langåker and Bommestad led to serious congestion. It became apparent that the bottleneck needed to be relieved with the construction of a new four lane, 8.1km long highway.

Mehr erfahren E18 Langaker - Bommestad, Norway

A1 Motorway, Klaipeda, Lithuania

The A1 is Lithuania's main cross country route, linking Vilnius – the capital in the east – westwards to Kaunas and then Klaipeda by the Baltic sea. Maximum traffic density along the 300km long, dual four lane highway is 40,000 vehicles per day. It is towards Klaipeda that a 3.4km stretch of the motorway's eastbound carriageway was giving trouble.

Mehr erfahren A1 Motorway, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Expressway S10 (Montaniec, Poland)

The expressway is S10 between Szczecin (Poland’s largest Baltic seaport) and Motaniec, in the north west of the country; it carries 17,000 vehicles a day, 12% of these heavy goods vehicles.

Mehr erfahren Expressway S10 (Montaniec, Poland)

UL. Żeromskiego, Poznan, Poland

Nypave FX 25 PL is special designed bitumen for very high modulus asphalt mixtures (EME) which complies with EN 12591 and Nynas specifications.

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A1 Motorway (Paris/Lille) between Carvin and Lesquin

Nynas FX 15 is a paving grade bitumen suitable for the manufacture of high modulus asphalt formulated with recycled materials.

Mehr erfahren A1 Motorway (Paris/Lille) between Carvin and Lesquin

Road sections at Kuivastu-Kuressaare and Pärnu-Lihula, Estonia

Nymuls SD 105 is a polymer modified surface dressing emulsion with good retentive properties that enables traffic to get moving sooner than with a conventional surface dressing.

Mehr erfahren Road sections at Kuivastu-Kuressaare and Pärnu-Lihula, Estonia


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