Bitumen to focus on core European markets

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and Nynas is now taking strategic steps to strengthen its competitiveness in core markets. Nynas will create a business footprint focusing on customers in the naphthenics and bitumen market in Europe, and significantly improve efficiency to deliver a competitive customer experience. Furthermore, Nynas will focus on four strategic sustainability areas: product development, environment and climate change, health and safety as well as people and society.

“Nynas needs to focus its efforts on a number of topics of high importance for our customers and society in general. Efficiency and innovative leadership will play a crucial part in our success, and it can only be achieved by becoming a more focused company with the drive and agility to invest in what matters the most in our core markets,” says Rafael Renaudeau, Vice President Nynas Bitumen.

In line with the Nynas strategic choices, the bitumen business will refocus on a smaller profitable core business, and on developing its sustainable offering. The bitumen business will optimise its channel to market solutions with the objective of providing best value to its customers.

Focus on efficiency and customer service

In the Nordics, the Baltics and the UK, Nynas will centralise its activities and create a more efficient operation based on high-performing products and an optimised supply network. Customers within the core markets will continue to be supported by local Nynas representatives.

As a consequence of these strategic choices, Nynas has informed customers in certain parts of Central and Western Europe of its intention to downsize supply.

“We are now putting all our efforts and resources behind this decision and focus on our core markets, and at the same time we want to thank our loyal customers in Central and Western Europe for their business, where we have enjoyed a strong relationship over many years,” concludes Rafael Renaudeau.

The changes announced represent a major transformation step for Nynas, and we will keep our customers and other stakeholders updated on the progress.


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