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12.11.2019 15:04

Safety first

‘Get home safely’ was the subject of this autumn's Aggregate Industries Safety Events.

Nynas were invited to join the events which took place at various sites around the country, and Paul Lamb, Nynas UK & WE HSSE Manager, was only too happy to provide training on the safe delivery of bitumen.  

“The topic included what sites can do to assist the driver, what actions should be taken in the case of emergency, how to deal with a driver who has come into contact with bitumen and how to shut down the tanker”, he says. “The bitumen discharge permit has become an important part of the bitumen delivery process, and this was also discussed in some detail.” 

Other topics covered during the day were lifting, maintenance, general site health and safety awareness, in particular fire safety, and on-site risk assessment. 

“The day was both thought-provoking and informative. The well-structured delivery gave all members of staff, both old and new, the tools they need to prioritise safety and ensure that we all get home safely”, Lamb concludes.

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