Our refineries

Our products are manufactured at refineries in Europe. Three of them – Nynäshamn, Gothenburg and Harburg – are owned by Nynas. The refinery in Eastham, UK, is a joint venture with Shell.

In January 2016, Nynas took over a base oil plant in Harburg, Germany, with an annual production of specialty oils up to 350,000 tons. This will represent a forty percent increase in the company's supply capability of naphthenic specialty oils.

Other production plants are linked to the company via cooperation agreements. 

Nynas production facilities are operated in accordance with the toughest health and safety standards, which you can read about under Responsibility.

If you want to learn more about the refinery in Nynäsham and our interesting work areas, you can watch the virtual refinery tour under Career.

Hydrotreatment – one of our specialities

Few oil companies hydrotreat their distillates as rigorously as we do. How does it work? The distillate is mixed with hydrogen gas at high pressure and temperature over a catalyst bed in the reactor. This 'treatment' removes sulfur and nitrogen, while also reducing aromatic content. The result? A very clean product – ideal for a great many applications.