Safety comes first

Nynas is actively working with customers and contractors to reach the goal of zero injuries at work.


Cold mixing on the go

A successful collaboration between Nynas and volumetric concrete mixer manufacturer Armcon has resulted in a mobile patching machine that can produce cold mix asphalt for repairs and maintenance.


Revealing structure

Employing an advanced analysis method, Nynas researchers are starting to unmask the chemical structure of bitumen. Xiaohu Lu explains how TOF-SIMS is used to analyse the surface structure of bitumen.

Sustainable Development

Low temperature with high quality

The choice of paving materials affects not only the useful life of a road, but also the environment. The temperature of the asphalt mix also plays a role in this context.


Investment gaps of more than 20 percent.

The G20’s Global Infrastructure Hub notes in a report that Europe needs to increase road investments by almost USD 1 trillion during 2016–2040.
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The Moment
10 November
Nynäshamn, Sweden

Sebastian Rydell and Jenny-Ann Östlund in front of a universal tester that is being prepared for a fatigue test at Nynas’ laboratory for bitumen technology in Nynäshamn. A fatigue test makes it possible to identify material differences that correlate to actual performance in the field. As Technology Manager for Nynas Bitumen Nordic, Jenny-Ann Östlund is making sure that her department offers the best technical solutions in close collaboration with customers. Nynas has laboratories not only at its Swedish sites in Nynäshamn and Gothenburg, but also in the UK, Germany and one in collaboration with Antwerp University in Belgium.

A visit to Nynas depot in Drammen

Outside the Norwegian capital of Oslo, Nynas is investing in a new PMB plant, increased storage capacity and improved safety at its depot. Kjell Arne Juul, Managing Director Nynas Norway, takes us on a tour of the depot.