Knowledge key to safe deliveries

Bitumen is delivered hot and therefore precise procedures are needed in order to minimise safety risks such as burn injuries. Safety is something on which the transport company Kördel maintains a constant focus.

Field silo
Sustainable Development

Moving ahead with biofuel

All of Nynas bitumen product transport operations in Sweden using road tankers now run virtually exclusively on biofuel.


Observe, think and act

In order for all employees to go home from work every day without injuries, each individual must assume personal responsibility. Bitumen Matters visited the Special Products Plant (SPP) at the Nynas refinery in Eastham.

Sustainable Development

Effective solution for reduced maintenance

All municipalities have at least one section of road that constantly requires maintenance, surfaces that can never be satisfactorily repaired and are always on the waiting list for new measures. One such example is the junction of Pilsworth Road and Moss Hall Road in the English town of Rochdale.


A road so smart it will be able to charge your car.

Bloomberg on the development of intelligent highways in China.
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Shadi Tentak & Mansour Ahadi
The Moment
10:00 AM
16 July
Arlanda, Sweden
<p>Near Arlanda airport, north of Stockholm, we find one of the Nordic construction company NCC’s asphalt plants. Here the company’s Swedish regional manager Mansour Ahadi, on the right, is welcoming Shadi Tentak, Distribution Manager, Nynas Bitumen Nordic. The purpose of the meeting is to conduct an safety assessment of the plant’s unloading bays for bitumen. NCC has worked together with Nynas to produce a ten-point programme to minimise the risk of injuries. The inspection includes checks on emergency showers, shut-off valves for unloading connections, level gauges and overfill alarms, among other things.</p>

A dynamic 90-year-old

In October 1928 the S/S British Earl delivered the very first cargo of crude oil for the newly-built refinery in Nynäshamn, Sweden. The history of Nynas could start to unfold. Research and development was a strong driving force for the business from the very outset. Among other things, Nynas was among the first in Europe to manufacture petrol with a high octane level. The global energy crisis in the mid-1970s resulted in a transition from a small traditional Swedish oil company into an international player focused on special products. Nynas is now one of Europe’s leading bitumen suppliers, and is also a world leader in the field of naphthenic specialty oils.