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The innovative Dutch company Bitufa Waterproofing's product Flexobit contains only SBS and bitumen and has been sold to customers in over 20 countries. For example, it was used to waterproof the iconic Hotel Atlantis project in Dubai.

Near the economic hotspot of Zwolle in the east of the Netherlands, the innovative company Bitufa Waterproofing BV has its production facility in Wapenveld, with an associated laboratory and research department. Production focuses on bitumen membranes used for waterproofing of buildings, cellars and roofs, for example. Bitufa's most well-known product, Flexobit, contains only SBS and bitumen and has been sold to companies in the construction industry in over 20 countries. For example, Flexobit was used to waterproof the iconic Hotel Atlantis project in Dubai.

SBS, i.e., styrene-butadiene-styrene, is a thermoplastic elastomer that has excellent durability and ageing stability when mixed with bitumen. Because Flexobit is a bituminous membrane with no filler or carrier — which most other manufacturers mix in — the detail work around corners and pile heads, for example, is safe and easy, with durable adhesion even on rough surfaces.

In order for the specialized waterproof membrane to function optimally, and withstand a lifespan of up to 20 years, it is essential that the bitumen maintain a consistently high quality. Nynas has been delivering bitumen to Bitufa for over 40 years — currently Nytop 210. Combined with polymers, it ensures good elasticity at both low and high temperatures, increased joint strength and improved cooling properties.

Bitufa recently started a new production line of roofing materials using waste as raw material: a major, sustainable leap into the circular economy.


Nynas UK announce their future plans for the bitumen business in the UK

Nynas UK today announce that they will be ending the partnership with Navigator Terminals at their Teesside depot at the end of the existing contract in December 2022.


Pan European approach for Nynas Bitumen

Rafael Renaudeau is appointed Vice President Nynas Bitumen and member of the Nynas Group Executive Committee. He will lead a newly formed organisation to cover all bitumen market areas where Nynas is located. This is a step to further strengthen Nynas position as the true bitumen specialist.

Sustainable Development

The UK’s first carbon-neutral pavement

Using cold recycling technology developed in-house, Aggregate Industries has taken a major step in the direction of more sustainable pavements.


More PMB in Drammen

Nynas depot in Drammen has expanded PMB capacity in place.


Webinar on biogenic material in PMB

Nynas invites you to a webinar on 16 September 2021 on why using biogenic material to produce PMB is the most responsible choice.

More information and registration here


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