Sustainable governance

Eurobitume is carrying out longterm work to help the organisation’s members to prepare for upcoming challenges as the conditions change in the market. One example is the decision to form the Bitumen Sustainability Steering Group (BSSG), chaired by Carl Robertus from Nynas.

The group will bring together expertise from member companies in order to govern and provide guidance in the area of sustainability. Subjects to be highlighted include reuse, climate footprint and the use of secondary materials, and naturally also the general sustainability benefits of bitumen. All of the activities will be collated in three workflows: Product Life Cycle Aspects, Secondary Materials and Climate Change/Circularity/ Sustainability.

The information produced by the group will have a scientific basis and offer a realistic, balanced view of how bitumen can contribute to sustainable development. All aspects should be considered, not only technical and socioeconomic, but also those relating to HSE. This in turn makes it possible to identify specific themes for further investigation, to present action plans and to develop communication tools for different target groups.

“Within the industry, we know that our products can contribute to sustainable development, but that insight is not known in many parts of society in general. This is why it’s important that the activities initiated by the BSSG really do show that bitumen and asphalt are among the most sustainable construction products in the market,” concludes Carl Robertus.


The Ryfylke tunnel, Norway

2013 saw the start of a major construction project – the Ryfylke tunnel, which opened to traffic just in time for the start of the new decade. This is the longest and deepest underground road tunnel in the world – 292 m below sea level – and it forms part of what is known as the Ryfast project.


Nynas exits US sanctions

The US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) announced today that Nynas is no longer being blocked pursuant to the Venezuela Sanctions Regulations. As a result of a corporate restructuring of the ownership of Nynas AB sanctions are lifted, and US persons and companies no longer require an authorization from OFAC to engage in transactions or activities with Nynas AB. As a consequence, general license GL 13E is removed.

Sustainable Development

Asphalt – a circular material

The reuse of asphalt is one area where the bitumen and asphalt industries contribute to a more sustainable utilisation of our natural resources.


Rising to the challenge

Playing a key part of the supply chain for a huge road project in England, Nynas delivered more than 20,000 tons of bitumen in time-critical batches, helping to complete the work well ahead of schedule.


The score for quality is lower

Roberto Crotti, World Economic Forum (WEF), on the state of the European road network.

Interview on the link between roads and competitiveness


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