Meet the people

Meet our people

To find out what it is like to work at Nynas, read the interviews with our co-workers.

Cyril, Refinery Manager, Sweden

Cyril is a chemical engineer and works as Refinery Manager in Nynäshamn. Prior to being in charge of the whole refinery in Nynäshamn, he worked as Production Manager. Cyril started his journey within Nynas in 2009.

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Moa, Specialist Process Technology, Sweden

As Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Moa has already been given great responsibility and trust in her work, despite her short time at Nynas.

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Rena, Sales Executive, Singapore

Rena’s working days include anything from catching up with customers over the phone, traveling around locally or regionally for site visits, making plans for the next events/seminars and problem solving, putting multitasking to a test.

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