Rena, Sales Executive, Singapore

Rena’s working days include anything from catching up with customers over the phone, traveling around locally or regionally for site visits, making plans for the next events/seminars and problem solving, putting multitasking to a test.

Investing in employees 

Nynas is Rena’s first employer since graduation and the investment in its employees is very attractive, according to Rena. “I value the in-depth induction program, the selection of training courses as well as the opportunity for employees to take on other positions when possible.”

Positive corporate culture

“They say the people set the culture and vibe of a company, and make or break your stay there. I am really thankful to be blessed with great colleagues all over the world, living the Nynas values – Cooperation, Dedication and Proactivity!”, Rena explains.

Name: Rena

Title: Sales Representative

Education: Bachelor of Business Management (Operations Managements & Finance)

Location: Nynas Regional Office in Singapore