Environment and society

Nowadays, every business has to pay close attention to environmental and societal issues. As an oil company, we have to take extra care.

After all, if there's an accident, the consequences can be very serious. In this part of the website, you can find out what we're doing to cut emissions, reduce waste, increase safety, be more energy-efficient – and become a better employer and corporate citizen.

Guiding principles

At Nynas, we have policies and procedures covering every facet of our operation, including health, safety, quality, environmental care and business ethics.

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Sustainable development

No company can focus on growth and profitability alone. It is also necessary to make sure that the business operates on the basis of social and environmental objectives, thus contributing towards sustainable development.

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We have a duty to protect the environment. That's why we invest heavily to make our refineries and transportation more efficient, with fewer emissions to water and air.

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Perhaps more so than many other enterprises, it falls to us as an oil company to be as good a corporate citizen as we can possibly be.

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At Nynas, safety comes first, last and everywhere in between. Our safety philosophy goes well beyond merely adhering to a variety of legal and industry stipulations.

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