Safety handling - SDS

We could go on at some length about our various safety initiatives, but we've chosen two examples to illustrate our basic approach.

Safety is no accident

Bitumen products are supplied, stored and handled at temperatures up 200°C for paving bitumens including polymer modified bitumens, and up to 230°C for industrial bitumens.  Accidents and incorrect handling can have serious consequences, including severe burns, shock, explosions and respiratory problems due to exposure to bitumen fumes. Initially a UK initiative, 'Safety is no accident' is now the subject of a pan-European campaign targeting our customers management and operational personnel.

Safety Data Sheets

The publication of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) is a legal requirement for classified and provides important information for how to use the product in a safe way. In the interests of full disclosure, we produce Safety Data Sheets for all our products, also the non-hazardous.
To read our safety data sheets, go to Product Areas & Solutions in the top menu, pick the segment/product you are interested in and then scroll down to find the SDS for your selected segment/product. 

Please note that SDS's are country specific. If you do not find the SDS for your specific country, please contact your sales representative or