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Nynas Group comprises the Parent Company Nynas AB (publ), its subsidiaries and holdings in joint ventures. The Parent Company is incorporated in Sweden and its registered office is in Stockholm.

Nynas AB is 49.999 per cent owned by Neste Oil AB, reg. no. 556232-3906, registered office Stockholm, Sweden, and 50.001 per cent by PDV Europa B.V., reg. no. 27133447, registered office The Hague, Netherlands. Neste Oil AB is part of a group in which Neste Oil Oyj, reg. no. FI 18523029 with registered office in Espoo, Finland, is the ultimate parent. PDV Europa B.V, is part of a group in which Petróleos de Venezuela S.A., reg. no. 73023, registered office Caracas, Venezuela, is the ultimate parent. 

Nynas has approx. 1 000 employees and specialises in the production and marketing of specialty oil products, the production is largely based on upgrading heavy crude oil to produce bitumen and naphthenic specialty oils.

Corporate governance

The external corporate governance instruments that determine the framework for Nynas’ corporate governance consist of the Swedish Companies Act, Annual Accounts Act and other relevant acts.

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Financial Reports

Here you can download Nynas Annual and Quarterly Reports.

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