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19/03/2020 08:45

Nynas business continuity - COVID-19

The WHO declared on March 11 that the global COVID-19 outbreak should now be classified as a pandemic, since it has spread to several countries around the world. At Nynas we take this situation very seriously and are doing our utmost to secure the business continuity and to limit the spread of the virus.

At an early stage in the crisis, Nynas formed a designated COVID-19 Crisis Management team to lead the work on our response to the development of the virus and to ensure that we implement the actions needed to manage the evolving situation.

Since 2010 we have had a contingency plan developed to ensure that we can maintain the operation of the refineries in case of a pandemic virus, and this has now been implemented. Safety is the highest priority at Nynas, and we will prioritise all actions necessary to ensure that the operations and business are operated in a safe manner.

The company´s contingency plan focuses on business continuity going forward in order to limit the disruptions in production and supply, and to limit the spread of the virus within Nynas and society.
In short, Nynas follows:

  • National guidelines
  • Nynas company central guidelines
  • Nynas specific local guidelines for supply chain, refineries and other vital areas

Business continuity

  • The key focus is to secure continuous production at our refineries with as little disturbance as possible in our global operations network.
  • With refineries in different countries, we benefit from an increased level of supply security, and if it is needed it is possible to shift production between the sites.
  • We have a global depot network, which provides local inventory and supply security to most of our customers.
  • Nynas has implemented central company instructions that complement local Governmental regulations, to ensure continuous operation for the core Nynas activities.
  • These regulations include:
    - Stopping external visitors and suppliers from visiting certain critical areas and sites including refinery control rooms, key laboratories, harbour areas and depots.
    - Via job rotation schemes we have secured that knowledge about certain processes is shared among our personnel located at different sites.
    - Implemented extraordinary strict cleaning and health routines for all staff to limit the spread of disease
    - Establishing segregated work groups to maintain business continuity, whilst minimising the risk of cross contamination.
  • In addition, we are working with our main external partners, including depots and transporters, to implement contingency plans to minimise disruption.
  • Delays in delivery may occur due to issues beyond our control, however customers should be confident that Nynas is making all possible efforts to ensure that we deliver according to customer needs.

Limiting the spread of the virus

  • The focus is to look after the individual safety of Nynas personnel, and the people with whom they are in contact with.
  • We are monitoring the development closely and will continue to follow best practice as recommended by the health authorities.
  • Nynas has applied the following: - Strict restrictions on travelling, including a complete halt on international travel.- Nynas will not be present or attend in person at business forums and events this spring.- Implementing a policy of working from home where it does not impact business continuity.- Increasing the use of web meetings to avoid unnecessary personal contact.
  • We follow all relevant country guidelines for use of protective equipment.

Nynas continues to monitor the situation closely and through our worldwide network of sales offices we will be in close contact with our customers about supply and security.

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