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"Less of everything except power"

With the focus squarely on minimizing environmental impact, tomorrow's transformers will be all about less is more. Less metal and fluid; more power and efficiency. Per Wiklund, research manager for Nynas explains.

The challenge of the future is to build transformers that deliver power more efficiently. We need to lower the power losses and get more power from smaller equipment. Smaller transformers will have less environmental impact, as they require less metal, less paper, less fluid, and so forth. More efficient transformers will also have a smaller carbon footprint in service.

So, how do we get there? The answer is: material science research. At Nynas, the focus is on the insulating fluid, and on testing how new technology can be utilised to improve its properties. We are studying how different liquid and solid materials interact, and how we can add functionality to them. We are exploring evolving, but so far relatively unknown, production methods that will help us to develop new types of hydrocarbon-based fluids. Nynas is one of the few companies in the world that focus on research into the material properties of mineral oils.

Presently, many in the industry view natural esters as an alternative to mineral oils. However, these are not new, nor ideal; they have been around for about 25 years and have several disadvantages. They are chemically unstable and difficult to recycle. Also, their high viscosity makes them less apt at cooling.

At Nynas, we are delving deeper into the chemistry and physics, exploring entirely new fluids or fluid combinations in order to get more power delivery from ever smaller transformers. 

Name: Per Wiklund

Title: Research Manager, Nynas.

Lives: Stockholm, Sweden.

Background: After his PhD in organic chemistry at Karolinska Institute, he joined Nynas in 2005. He held several positions before taking up his post as research manager in 2012.

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