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17/05/2017 08:00

New members in the Nynas Board of Directors

Ysmel Serrano is appointed new chairman of the Board and Conrad Keijzer is appointed new member of the Board.

New members in the Nynas AB Board of directors are:

Ysmel Serrano is appointed new chairman of the Board, replacing Orlando Chacin. Ysmel Serrano is Vice President of Trade and Supply PDVSA. He is born 1978 and his nationality is Venezuelan.

Conrad Keijzer is appointed new member of the Board, replacing Michiel Boersma. Conrad Keijzer is Executive Board member for Akzo Nobel and responsible for Performance Coatings. He is born in 1968 and his nationality is Dutch.

The new members were appointed at the Annual General Meeting in Nynas, held in Stockholm on May 2, 2017.


For further information, please contact:
Hans Östlin, Communications Director Nynas AB
Email: hans.ostlin@nynas.com
Tel.: +46 (0)708 93 19 75

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