05/12/2017 12:15

Prestigious assignment

Peter Kaali from Nynas has been elected to the FEICA European Technical Board, which means that he can contribute to enhancing development work in the adhesive and sealant industry.

FEICA is a leading industry organisation for companies that operate in the European adhesive and  sealant industry. The organisation’s overarching objective is to contribute to continuous improvements in efficiency in the industry, but also to be a driving force when it comes to anything from legislation to the sharing of experience and sustainable development.  

This is an important assignment in view of the fact that the adhesive and sealant industry in Europe is facing an increasing number of regulations and standards, which are affecting industry players in technical, economic and administrative terms. 

Nynas is also collaborating with FEICA in various ways in order to be able to provide support with the right information and background for different matters and regulatory activity concerning mineral oils.

“We want to provide access to expertise in this field to support the adhesive industry and FEICA’s strategy,” says Dr Peter Kaali, Technical Advisor Chemical Industry. “Proactive FEICA participation within the European legislation processes is key to making a successful contribution to a legislative environment that meets the expectations of the legislator and protects health and the environment, while at the same time creating sustainable growth for our industry.”

Dr Kaali, who has a background as a materials engineer with a PhD in Polymer Technology, was recently elected as a member of FEICA European Technical Board (ETB). The group’s task is to provide a voice for the industry’s technical views at the European level.

“It involves, among other things, identifying, directing and managing the technical strategy for FEICA, as well as establishing and steering the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) and Task Forces (TTFs),” he explains.  

These initiatives are followed up at quarterly meetings, where there are updates on the ongoing activities in the TWGs and TTFs.

“This gives us good opportunities to reflect and review any new industry matters or regulations, as well as decisions on actions,” believes Dr Kaali. “In this context it is also important to identify future trends and possibilities in order to ensure a sustainable future for the industry. The regulatory activity and new requirements often lack proper and accurate scientific foundation, and these could only be steered in the right direction by being an active member of such an organisation.”

What does your role in FEICA mean for Nynas and for you personally?  

“Of course it’s a strength for Nynas to obtain recent industry-related information in a timely manner and if necessary being able to reflect on that. This allows us to maintain two-way communication with the industry and regulatory bodies. For me personally, it’s a great experience and opportunity to represent the oil industry and Nynas at the ETB and to be able to contribute to the whole adhesives industry on a European level.”

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