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23/04/2015 09:47

Prominent Swedish industry figure chooses Nynas

With around 25 years’ experience in the asphalt industry, Per-Ola Möller will be a valuable asset in Nynas’ continued initiative in the Swedish bitumen market.

Alongside the E22 outside Kristianstad, among lush beech forests and barren heather moors, is the small village of Linderöd. And this is the home of Per-Ola Möller, who on 18 May takes up the position of Head of Sales Sweden, Bitumen Nordic.  

New to Nynas then, but by no means a newcomer to the industry.  

“I started at Skanska in 1989, and during my seventeen years working there I was involved in everything to do with asphalt, everything except running the asphalt plants", to be absolutely precise.” 

After a couple of years at what was then Swedish National Road Administration Production, Per-Ola Möller was recruited by Westbit to the position of Technical & Operations Manager, where he stayed for almost ten years.

So now it’s time to take the next step.

“I needed some totally new challenges, and Nynas was an exciting option bearing in mind the development potential that exists in the company. Another benefit is that research and development are based in Sweden, which means that they know the needs and demands that exist in the market.”

What does your new job involve?

“My most important task by far is to work closely with our customers, offering support in identifying the right applications and solutions. One strength in this context is that I already have a big network in the industry. There’s no need for a settling-in period, I can hit the ground running right away.”

What is it that’s so fascinating about the asphalt industry in particular?

“There’s a lot happening, and it’s happening quickly. You’re also on the move all the time between different workplaces, having to keep lots of balls in the air. A high tempo, in other words, and I like that.”

Per-Ola Möller and his wife (the children have flown the nest) live on a small farm with their horses, dogs and cats. He prefers to spend his leisure time out in the countryside and hunts a lot, mainly in Värmland and Småland.

“Another major interest I’ve had since I was a teenager is photography. I’m now even selling some photographs, and one thing I’ll be doing in the future is a photo reportage for the daily newspaper Expressen about Swedish UN veterans.”

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