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31/05/2021 13:03

Virtual presentation: Increased sustainability: tyre rubbers with raw materials from renewable resources

Don’t miss Nynas senior specialst Dr Kamyar Alavi’s talk at Tire Technology Virtual “Live” 2021 on 8 June.

The tyre industry’s efforts to achieve higher levels of sustainability have been gaining strength in recent years, and this is reflected in the explicit sustainability targets communicated from several producers. Although the solution is multifaceted, the introduction of alternative raw materials for the production of tyres has been one of the routes adopted to meet the challenge.

To learn more, log in to Nynas Senior Specialist, Dr Kamyar Alavi’s presentation at Tire Technology Virtual “Live” 2021 on 8 June at 10:00 CEST. In his talk, Dr Alavi will take a closer look at raw materials such as polymers, fillers and plasticizers made from renewable resources, and discuss how they can be used as alternatives or complements to traditional raw materials.

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