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26/11/2020 11:17

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Nynas process oil properties in chemical applications.

Nynas’ NYTEX® and NYFLEX® mineral oils are used in many applications and chemical processes, to act as a plasticizing agent, a vehicle for active ingredients or be part of the active formulation itself. Nynas naphthenic oil range is characterized by two levels of hydrotreatment. This webinar talks about how the processability and functionality of the finished product can often be optimized by using these different types of oil.

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Further reading

Nynas reorganisation completed

Today, the decision to adopt Nynas composition from 30 November 2020 became final in Södertörn District Court. This means that Nynas company reorganisation is formally completed and that Nynas creditors will be paid in accordance with the composition agreement.

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Nynas reorganisation formally expected to be completed in January 2021

The district court's decision of 30 November to confirm the composition in Nynas AB's corporate reorganisation has been appealed by the Swedish Tax Agency on 21 December. Extraordinary reasons have since been applied based on approval of the administrators as of 22 December 2020 and Nynas has today paid in full to the Swedish Tax Agency and thus the Swedish Tax Agency no longer has any claim.

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