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15/06/2021 13:43

Welcome to the World of Nynas

Visit Nynas booth and chat with our bitumen experts at the E&E Congress 2021.


Nynas posters during E&E:

Long lasting asphalt pavements with polymer modified bitumens

Authors: Xiaohu Lu, Hilde Soenen (Nynas) and Safwat Said, Abubeker Ahmed, Håkan Carlsson (VTI). Poster ID: 0245

Durability parameters evaluated on binders recovered from various field sites in Europé

Authors: Hilde Soenen, Xiaohu Lu, Carl Robertus (Nynas) and Xavier Carbonneau, Graziella Durand (Colas). Poster ID: 0240

The effect of sample preparation on the morphology of polymer-modified bitumen by fluorescence and optical microscopy and it’s relation to storage stability

Author: Ian Lancaster (Nynas). Poster ID: 0058

A systematic study of bituminous binders extended with a renewable material

Authors: Xiaohu Lu, Jenny-Ann Östlund, Carl Robertus (Nynas). Poster ID: 0248

Laboratory and site validation of a regeneration oil for recycled asphalt mixtures

Authors: Ian Lancaster, Dennis Day, Jukka Laitinen (Nynas). Poster ID: 0353

Further reading

Nynas UK announce their future plans for the bitumen business in the UK

Nynas UK today announce that they will be ending the partnership with Navigator Terminals at their Teesside depot at the end of the existing contract in December 2022.

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A new refinery landscape

The overall impact of IMO 2020, Covid-19 and the closure of outdated refineries has increased the benefit of bitumen expertise and specialisation. The question is who will produce bitumen in the future?

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The UK’s first carbon-neutral pavement

Using cold recycling technology developed in-house, Aggregate Industries has taken a major step in the direction of more sustainable pavements.

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