Nynas AB company reorganisation

17/09/2020 11:23

Approved extension of Nynas reorganisation

Södertörn's District Court today approved an extension of Nynas AB’s company reorganisation for another three months, until December 15, 2020.

The conditions for a long-term sustainable agreement to end the reorganisation of Nynas are at hand. The ownership change announced recently is an important step, and to successfully complete the reorganisation discussions continue with Nynas main creditors.

In light of the change in ownership, Nynas and the Administrators expect to complete the reorganisation within the coming three-month period.

Further reading

To the creditors/suppliers of Nynas AB

Enclosed documents contain information to creditors/suppliers of Nynas AB during the reorganisation.

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Nynas applies for company reorganisation

Nynas AB (publ) has today filed for company reorganisation at Södertörn's District Court. Nynas loans have not been extended by the banks. Thus, Nynas cannot pay due debts forcing the company to apply for a reorganisation of the company.

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