Nynas AB company reorganisation

24/01/2020 12:03

Information from the creditor meeting

The company reorganisation in Nynas AB continues according to plan.

At the creditor meeting in Södertörns District Court on January 24, the administrators Mikael Kubu, Ackordscentralen, and lawyer Lars Eric Gustafsson, Schjødt Law firm, described the preliminary reorganisation plan for Nynas AB.

According to the administrators, the prospects of a successful reorganisation of Nynas are good and the administrators stated that the reorganisation should continue.

The attending creditors had the opportunity to ask questions and present their view on the reorganisation, after which the Court decided that the reorganisation should continue until 13 March 2020. Prior to this date, Nynas can request that the reorganisation shall continue.

The district court also appointed a creditor committee where the larger creditors as well as representatives for the tax authorities and the employees are represented.

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To the creditors/suppliers of Nynas AB

Enclosed documents contain information to creditors/suppliers of Nynas AB during the reorganisation.

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Nynas applies for company reorganisation

Nynas AB (publ) has today filed for company reorganisation at Södertörn's District Court. Nynas loans have not been extended by the banks. Thus, Nynas cannot pay due debts forcing the company to apply for a reorganisation of the company.

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