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Industrial rubber is used primarily in products such as gaskets, seals, rubber mats and other parts for the automotive industry. But there is also a need for certain consumer products, including wetsuits and drysuits. In this case manufacturers need a material that is watertight, impact-resistant and offers thermal insulation.

The rubber in a wet/drysuit is based on neoprene. To make the material practical and sensitive, a softener is added, for which the Nynas oil Nytex 810 is ideal, either on its own or combined with a polymerised vegetable oil. The finished neoprene blend is pressed or rolled out in large sheets, which the manufacturers buy.

Nynas offers several kinds of products needed in the rubber industry: Nytex, Nyflex and Nypar. This is because as the rubber industry phases out highly aromatic oils, which are harmful to health, interest is increasing in Nynas' naphthenic oils, which have very good technical properties.

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