Tyre labelling legislation in effect – Nynas contributes to higher rating

Go for green and stay away from red. Selecting the right tyre could reduce your fuel consumption. The new EU legislation simplifies the selection.

Go for green and stay away from red. The new EU legislation regarding tyre labeling will make it easier for consumers to select a tyre. The same type of labeling that has been in effect for household appliances now valid for tyres. Measurements for rolling resistance, wet grip (i.e. breaking capacity) and noise level is now valid for all tyres within the European Union.

Nynas has been a supplier to the polymer and tyre industries for years. Including specialty oil from Nynas in the mix could even reduce rolling resistance while maintaining wet grip leading to lower fuel consumption, and a better rating in the tyre labeling. This has been noted by the leading tyre manufacturers and many of them are now turning to Nynas.

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