In close collaboration with our customers, we develop oils for use in a number of applications that fill important roles in their products and processes. Long-lasting oils that create sustainable value.

Bitumen - paving applications

Our long-standing focus on bitumen has earned us the reputation of being the "bitumen specialist" – and that is something we are very proud of.

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Bitumen - industrial applications

As we transition to a more eco-sensitive way of life, the oil we refine – and the specialist knowledge used to refine it – will play a vital role.

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Transformer oils

Nynas is the world’s leading supplier of transformer oils with the widest product range on the market.

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Base oils

Nynas provides naphthenic base oils for greases, industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids. Coming in a broad range of viscosities and with different degrees of refining, Nynas base oils are the best choice or a wide range of applications.

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Process oils

Nynas provides naphthenic process oils for different applications like adhesives, printing inks, TPE and fertilizers.

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Tyre oils

Nynas naphthenic oils optimise tyre performance by improving fuel efficiency, wet grip and durability.

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Rubber plasticising oils

Nynas oils are used as plasticizers for industrial rubbers. The success depends as much on our wide product portfolio responding to the needs of different adhesive applications, as on the service which we provide to our customers.

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