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Nappy change no problem

Disposable nappies are changing, but not to the naked eye. The change is hidden in the polymers that make up the adhesives in their non-woven materials. Will Nynas specialty oils work in the ever-changing adhesives market?

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The trick is to make it stick

Packaging tape sticks better when made with refined naphthenic oil. Comparing the impact of different oils, Nynas found a way to finetune the adhesive properties.

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Connecting the dots

Pär Wedin at Nynas proposes a shift from one point to another one, from aniline point to turbidity point. Now, standardisation bodies SIS and ISO are mulling over his proposal.

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The brains of Nynas: Peter Kaali

Born in Hungary, Peter Kaali first moved to Sweden to study for his PhD. After graduating, he became a project manager at Nynas and then moved on to become technical coordinator for process and tyre oils. Find out what is on Peter's mind.

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