Bitumen for industrial applications

Welcome to Nynas bitumen solutions for industrial applications. After more than half a century in the business – and with a strong presence throughout the European market – we are confident we can meet your needs.
  • Regular - Our set of bitumen that consistently lives up to the current industry standards for performance specifications.
  • Extra – A variety of products that satisfy functional requirements such as deformation resistance, structural contribution, fatigue resistance, temperature reduction, improved workability etc.
  • Premium – For the toughest challenges. Developed for the heaviest loads, the most trafficked motorways, the least possible traffic disruption and the longest life-span

For industrial applications, Nynas provides specialist bitumen binders with a formulation and a focus on performance. Our binders work as insulation against water, moisture, heat, sound, vibrations and electricity.



Bitumen for industrial applications

Our products have fire retardant properties and excellent adhesion, making them ideal for use in roofing, water-proofing, pipe-coating and in a variety of automotive applications. 

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Curious about trends and innovations in the market? Here you will find informative technical articles.

Evaluation of Test Sections with Polymer Modified Bitumens

It was found that PMBs, particularly SBS modified, demonstrate better rheological properties as compared to unmodified bitumens, even after several years in the field.

Read more about Evaluation of Test Sections with Polymer Modified Bitumens


Safety comes first in our Industry and we want to keep all our customers informed, both on management and operational level providing them with the most recent safety practical guidance while handling Bitumen. Read more about Safety

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