Safety comes first in our Industry and we want to keep all our customers informed, both on management and operational level providing them with the most recent safety practical guidance while handling Bitumen.

Since 2006, we have worked with a comprehensive information material about safety, today available in eleven European languages. The latest update, May 2012, includes the latest Eurobitume recommendations and best practices, REACH regulations as well as H2S precautions.

If you want to know more about safe handling of bitumen, please download our updated safety toolkit:

If you are in a hurry, please take a look at our:

See also Eurobitume guides to safe delivery,


Safety Data Sheets

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is the main channel for communication down the supply chain on REACH related information. These documents are very comprehensive and contain information for guidance on safe use such as; classification and labelling, first aid, storage and handling, exposure control, transport classification, etc.

Bitumen is not classified as hazardous and there is currently no legal requirement to provide SDSs for bitumen. However, SDSs do contain very important information regarding safe handling of bitumen and therefore it is industry practice, which is supported by Nynas, to provide them. Safety Data Sheets for Nynas bitumen products are available for download under Products. Go to Products