Nypol polymer modified binders (PMB) have been developed to deliver enhanced performance across a wide range of asphalt mix types, applications and environments.
  • Reduced temperature susceptibility over the working temperature range
  • Enhanced resistance to rutting and deformation
  • Improved cohesion and adhesion
  • Superior resistance to cracking and fatigue failure.

Nypol is an established product name synonymous with the quality polymer modified binder (PMB) you would expect from the leading binder specialist in this field. With a long proven track record Nypol provides consistent, predictable levels of superior performance across a broad spectrum of applications and performance needs. 

Product information

We provide CE marked bitumen for paving applications in accordance with the applicable EN specifications. CE marking is an EU official confirmation that our products fulfill the product specifications and the essential requirements of the Construction Products Directive.

Simply choose your product below and you will find all the information you need about our products – including safety, product and CE data sheets.


Product list Nypol
Product list Nypol
Nypol 46
Nypol 75
Nypol 76
Nypol S 89
Nypol S 89 A
Nypol 103
Nypol 103 A

Case study

Essingeleden, Sweden

When one of Sweden’s most heavily trafficked roads needed resurfacing, the durability of polymer modified bitumen was required to meet the challenge. Read more about Essingeleden, Sweden

More case studies

UL. Bułgarska w Poznaniu

Bułgarska street in Poznań runs beside a football stadium and links two busy roads, Grunwaldzka street and Bukowska Steet. Two lanes wide, Bułgarska street was heavily trafficked.

Read more about UL. Bułgarska w Poznaniu

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