About nynas

We provide solutions for hundreds of applications around the world, in the process serving some of the world's largest corporations. Some deliveries are relatively uncomplicated, while others require every drop of our expertise. We have no idea what your demands are, but we hope they are tough.

Global sales and support

Our service offering is designed to add value you will not find anywhere else. You will have access to the tools and expertise you need to make the most of your investment. Chances are you will find our sales representatives in your area – with offices in more than 30 countries we are never far away.

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Health, Safety and the Environment

It is our aim at Nynas to maintain a high degree of HSE awareness and to act accordingly. Mineral oils are complex materials, and careful consideration must be given to their impact on the environment and to aspects of health and safety.

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R&D without end

There is still much to discover about oil, not least the link between crude selection/oil composition and its impact on a variety of properties, including oxidation stability and lubricity.

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How is the oil produced?

The journey from crude to highly refined process oil starts in the distillation column. The crude oil is heated and divided – or more correctly distilled – into fractions according to boiling point. The residual fraction, which is referred to as the bottom fraction of the distillation process, is refined into bitumen products, while the lighter part of the crude oil is distilled into different fractions, so called distillates, the precursors to our final process oils.

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