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10/10/2016 12:08

Nynas takes part in the world’s biggest trade fair for plastic and rubber

K2016 attracts the world’s broadest spectrum of international trade visitors and decision-makers. On 19 October the gates open for this year’s event, with more than 3,000 exhibitors on site.

For just over 50 years, K – which is short for Kunststoffe, the German word for plastic – has been the leading international trade fair for manufacturers of plastic and rubber.

“K is a key event to reach out to our customers, global, regional as well as local companies. With our experts and in-house application laboratories, we’re able to generate value beyond the oil, being a partner in development and able to provide solutions for our customers,” says Dr. Herbert Fruhmann,Market Manager TYR, Nynas Naphthenics.

“Talking about the tyre industry, Nynas’ products support the global trend towards reduced rolling resistance for tyres, better fuel economy and enhanced winter tyre performance,” says Dr. Markus Hoffmann, Technical Manager TYR.

“When it comes to rubber and TPE,” he continues, “our products feature state-of-the-art production technologies for virtually all types of elastomers and adhesives, which can adapt and generate high polymer compatibility through different degrees of refining.”

“These are starting from the Nytex series, highly suitable for natural and synthetic rubbers. Furthermore our Nyflex 3000 series, a replacement of Group I oils, developed to replace this category 1:1, and finally our highly refined Nyflex series, including technical white oils, offer best-in-class solutions for a wide range of adhesives,” concludes Herbert Fruhmann.

K2016 covers all aspects of importance to manufacturers and suppliers of materials. These include not only raw materials and resource utilisation, but also machinery and equipment, as well as semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastics.

The trade fair in Düsseldorf is the opportunity to share innovative technologies, initiate cross-border cooperation and identify new business partners. It is therefore perfectly natural for Nynas to take part with an international team of technical experts in the fields of adhesives, tyres and rubber, as well as salespeople.


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