Automotive oils applications

Nynas naphthenic oils are used in many different automotive applications. Combine our wide product portfolio, global supply and dedicated technical and local assistance, and you will get the most suitable solution to meet your specific needs. To find out more about our products and their characteristics, choose your application below.


Base oils for lubricating greases

The superior solvency power of naphthenic oils, bring advantages to grease production, such as lower soap consumption and cooking temperatures, which translates in lower energy consumption, costs, and ultimately lower environmental impact.

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Base oils for metal cutting and removal fluids

The main function of cutting or removal fluids (as they are also known), is that of cooling machine parts and tools. Additionally, removal fluids wash away metal chips, protect the workpiece from corrosion, and reduce friction.

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Base oils for metal forming fluids

Significant greater forces are necessary in forming than in cutting processes. Forming fluids can differ significantly, due to the wide variety of forming operations, going from neat oils, to water based fluids as well as pastes.

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Nynas tyre oils are used in all possible tyre applications ranging from passenger tyres, heavy and light truck tyres, bus and agriculture tyres to motor cycle and bicycle tyres. It does not matter whether our oils are used in high performance, standard, all season, winter or Nordic winter applications. The right tyre oil selection will suit your specific demands.

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Nynas naphthenic oils are widely used as a plasticiser in a variety of adhesive applications.

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Leather Chemicals

Nynas naphthenic oils are available in a wide range of viscosities, and are suitable for use in the fat-liquoring process, both as a polymer carrier, and water repellent

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