ev battERIES

  • 100% biobased and biodegradable
  • ultra low viscosity
  • single phase
  • excellent thermal properties
  • excellent dielectric performance
  • high material compatibility

Our ready to use hydrocarbon coolants range offers several benefits:

  • high material compatibility
  • high cooling efficiency
  • excellent environmental footprint 
  • certified readily biodegradable
  • no global warming potential
  • long life spam (decades) and recyclable

Poor thermal management reduces the battery life and increase the risks of thermal runaway. Immersion cooling is one of the solutions to the EV performance challenges: extended range and reduced charging times.

Some of the indirect benefits of immersion cooling technology include :

  • use of batteries with higher power density
  • reduced risk of thermal runaway
  • increased EV range 
  • increased battery life

Are you an OEM with a cooling challenge to solve? Do you want to know more about our product range? Contact our team to discuss your requirements and our solutions.