• 100% biobased and biodegradable
  • ultra low viscosity
  • single phase
  • excellent thermal properties
  • excellent dielectric performance
  • high material compatibility
  • virtually no evaporation

Our specifically engineered single-phase ready to use hydrocarbon coolants efficiently collect the heat form the components when circulated in the system, to subsequently release it in a heat exchanger.

NYNAS® RPHF range offers several benefits:

  • high compatibility with the server material
  • high server cooling efficiency
  • virtually no evaporation
  • excellent environmental footprint 
  • certified readily biodegradable
  • no global warming potential
  • long life spam (decades) and recyclable

Single-phase coolants have relevant advantages versus two-phases immersion cooling fluids such fluorinated compounds that boil when in contact with the hot components, and which then need to be re-condensed to liquid phase.

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