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17/05/2019 22:07

The premier event for tribology research and lubrication engineering

As usual, Nynas will have a strong presence at the STLE Annual Meeting, presenting three different technical papers.

On 19-23 May, more than 1,600 lubrication professionals from around the world will gather to attend the 74th Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Nashville, USA.

The programme includes some 500 technical presentations as well as panel discussions on both technical and market trends. In parallel there is also a large exhibition where visitors can study the latest products and services from over 150 companies.

Nynas will have a strong presence at the event and present three different technical papers, which are the result of many years of work by employees in the company’s R&D Department. The presentations will cover a wide range of product viscosities, from NYNAS NS 3 to NYNAS T 600.

“The highly versatile Naphthenic base oil range continues to offer interesting opportunities in lubricant applications. These applications range from industrial gear oils through high-oil heavy emulsions to high-performance aviation hydraulic fluids based on NYNAS NS 3,” says Professor Thomas Norrby, Senior Specialist at Nynas.


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