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Some of the greatest sustainable developments in the mastic asphalt industry have occurred in Germany, and a new paper presented by the Nynas Competence Centre Antwerp has assessed these developments over the past 15 years.

Some of the greatest sustainable developments in the mastic asphalt industry have occurred in Germany, and a new paper presented by the Nynas Competence Centre Antwerp has assessed these developments over the past 15 years. The paper discusses Nynas’ response to these changes and how this led to the development of new binders for different mastic asphalt applications

Mastic asphalt: durable and sustainable developments, also in the bituminous binders!

During the last decennia , not only the standard hot asphalt industry has looked for sustainable and durable developments. Also in a more specialized industry as the mastics asphalt industry, there were interesting developments in that field.

In this paper, we summarize the most important changes the mastic asphalt  industry went through the last 15 years. These mostly happened in Germany, due to some new legal (environmental) requirements, but also in Poland and Switzerland.

One looked to lower the temperature, and keep at the same time the workability. Where one produced mastic asphalt 20 years ago between 250 and 280°C, one now works between 200 à 230°C.  In Germany it is even legally obliged since 2008 to use viscosity reducing additives in mastic asphalt.

Further on, we focus on how the bitumen industry, in this case Nynas, has followed the needs of durable developments and developed new binders for different mastic applications. All these binders are evaluated on lab scale in different workability tests.

To end, some practice examples from site profiles are given.    


Tine Tanghe and Geert Lemoine, Nynas


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