Nynas provides a full set of services; covering various aspects of bitumen formulation, selection, application and logistics. Through our services, we harness our knowledge and expertise to enable you to choose the right product, handle it correctly and safely, and have it successfully applied.


Expert advice

If you have a bitumen question for a road construction or an industrial application, turn to Nynas for answers. Our three technical centres have expertise and deep knowledge about product performance in different road designs and applications.

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Lab analyses and performance evaluation

Our state of the art laboratories provide everything from standard laboratory analyses to specific tests and expert opinions. In addition, we can assess the performance of the binder and consequently the asphalt which, in turn, is an indication of the road's performance.

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Tailored solutions and product selection

At Nynas, we know bitumen from beginning to end and how asphalt performs during different circumstances. We provide full support in choosing or customizing the right product to achieve the optimal result.

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Delivery and logistics

Nynas delivery and logistic services offer trained drivers, dedicated vehicles and a focus on safety, health and environment. Our aim is to, safely and consistently, deliver high quality binders with the highest possible precision.

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Education and HSE

As an expert in bitumen, Nynas offers different training programmes, seminars and educational events on topics related to bitumen, emulsions, PMBs etc. We also cover all HSE aspects that are relevant to the industry.

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