The brains of Nynas: Anna Eriksson

Anna Eriksson has held various positions in Nynas since 2006, covering product development, quality, customer support, research and application-specific education. She currently holds the position of Technical Manager Chemical Industry, coordinating technical activities with industry, customers, academia, test institutes and authorities. Find out what's on her mind.

To serve the chemical manufacturing industry means that we have to build knowledge in many different applications with very different chemical specifications. I find it rather easy to translate information from customer or academia into a molecular format. Once I have mapped the chemistry, it is easier to understand the customer’s need and from that to fine-tune our offering in terms of product or technical support.

In my team we put a lot of focus on development. New products are developed according to new and existing customers’ needs. We develop knowledge about new applications where our product can make a difference and methodology to investigate how our products behave in different chemical processes. I have very innovative and driven co-workers, who constantly surprise me with their ingenuity.

I have three kids aged 11, 15 and 17. Since they all are very active with sports, I spend a lot of time in basketball halls, riding arenas and on football pitches. The weekends are usually devoted to driving around Stockholm to catch as many games as possible. Away from work, I also enjoy spending time with friends, either enjoying dinner together or being outdoors, for example running, going to the beach or picking chanterelles in the woods.

With Nynas’ global footprint comes a significant amount of travel. To support customers around the globe, I spend quite a lot of time visiting them and attending conferences. We get to see the industrial areas that tourists never reach, as well as the nice conference centres conveniently located in the middle of big cities. I really enjoy experiencing different cultures and meeting new people!

We work in a very dynamic organisation. In order to optimise our way of working and offer indepth support to all stakeholders, cooperation is essential. I try to stay in close contact with all relevant functions of Nynas – from manufacturing sites, research and market intelligence to regulatory, communications and supply. This provides me with a nuanced view of the Nynas operation that is helpful in my job as a technical manager supporting the Chemical Industry.