Naphthenics magazine

Naphthenics Magazine is for you - With two or three issues per year you can learn more about the technical aspects of specialty oils, read interesting cover stories on general trends, see how others have created value from utilising the key characteristics of specialty oils or get to know Nynas in general.

In all issues you'll also find notes, editorials, interviews and information on upcoming events.

To get your own copy of Naphthenics Magazine, simply mail us at your local sales office.  Please note your full postal address and the language version you would like to receive. We are currently producing the Magazine in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.

The most recent issues are available in PDF format:


 Issue 1, 2016  

  Issue 2, 2016

 Issue 1, 2015  

 Issue 2, 2015


 Issue 1, 2014


 Issue 2, 2014