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26/04/2021 16:13

20 years in Argentina and Mexico

Over the years, Nynas has strengthened its position in Latin America. Initially the focus was on the electrical industry, but it now also includes lubricants, process oils and tyre oils.

It is not only Ana Cura, Regional Director Americas, who has a 20th anniversary to celebrate. In the same year that she arrived at Nynas, the doors were opened to the sales offices in Argentina and Mexico.

“Twenty years ago, Nynas was a newcomer in the region and the brand was unknown. It’s different now, and we’re well known not only for our products, but also for our technical expertise and high level of service.”

The situation was tough when operations started in Argentina and Mexico. Both countries were experiencing problems with high inflation and political and social unrest.

“Under the circumstances, trying to set up a Swedish company was an exciting experience, to say the least,” confirms Ana. “Our initial strategy was based on developing and raising awareness of our brand and promoting the use of naphthenic base oils in a market where paraffinic base oils were totally dominant.”

Despite these challenges, Nynas has gradually advanced its positions and is now one of the leading suppliers in both Argentina and Mexico. From initially selling almost exclusively transformer oils, the product range has been widened to include oils for the manufacturing of tyres, adhesives, industrial rubber, paint, metal working fluids and lubricants, to name just a few examples.

Operations over the past year have of course taken place in the shadow of Covid-19.

“The pandemic has had a major impact on Mexico because of its geographic and economic proximity to the USA. Argentina has also been relatively hard hit, as a pandemic pays no attention to national borders.”

The focus is on specialisation, technical competence and a strong local presence, as illustrated by the recent opening of a new depot in Mexico.

“This is pleasing, as we can expand our capacity to supply the tyre market and also retake market shares in the chemical industry,” notes Ana Cura.

“As regards Mexico, we’ll also be focusing on the development of applications for the automotive industry, while in Argentina we’re looking for new opportunities when it comes to lubricants.”

If we look to the future, the focus is on maintaining close contacts with customers, virtually for the time being, but primarily face-to-face once the pandemic is over.

“Another initiative is the launch of our bio-based products for the electrical industry and the tyre segment. This is an important addition to our broad portfolio and one of the ways we contribute to sustainable development.”


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