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16/05/2019 13:01

Arctic grade transformer oil to withstand the toughest climate

Nynas has launched an Arctic grade transformer oil that withstands the toughest of climate conditions. It complies with one of the world’s most advancedstandards regulating the use of mineral oils in transformers. The new oil, NYTRO® Polaris GXN, is an example of Nynas’ broad global product range thatmeets practically any regional requirements.

CWIEME is the most prominent global event when it comes to coil winding, electric motor and transformer manufacturing technologies. It is the meeting place for suppliers of everything from insulation materials and copper to electric steel, magnets and other process equipment that is demanded by transformer manufacturers.

“Nynas has a stand (Hall 4.2a-b, 21B12) and several key representatives present at the event, including our Technical Adviser for the electrical industry, Carl Wolmarans, and several people from the European sales organisation. Our Vice President, Mr Simon Day, will also be there to meet key customers,” says Koen Kempeneer, Market Manager Electrical Industry.

A trusted supplier of highly refined premium transformer grades, Nynas offers a broad global product range that meets practically any regional requirements.

“One example is the new NYTRO® Polaris GXN, an Arctic grade oil that withstands the toughest climate conditions. It complies with the Canadian Class A CAN/CSA-C50-14 specification, one of the world’s most advanced standards regulating the use of mineral oils in transformers.”

Class A oil is recommended for use in power transformers, especially those subject to cold start-up or that have forced oil cooling, including associated onload tap changers, all of which operate in ambient temperatures below -25°C.

“We look forward to meeting the industry at CWIEME to talk more about NYTRO® Polaris GXN and the other high-performance grades in our transformer oil portfolio, which is the largest in the world,” concludes Koen Kempeneer. 


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