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Assisting an agent

Compatible with all sorts of rubber, naphthenic oil facilitates the dispersion of insoluble sulfur, the vulcanising agent used in the production of tyre rubber. Anna Eriksson explains how this helps improve the quality of the final rubber.

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Efficient performance

Nynas’ tyre tests have shown that NYTEX® 4700 is an excellent tool to improve fuel efficiency – with no compromises in traction.

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Better grip

The closure of Group I refineries will inevitably limit the availability of the high-viscosity mineral oils commonly used in tyre tread formulations. Nynas’ new tyre oil offers an alternative with excellent performance. To address the decline of high-viscosity oils and rebalance the heavy tyre oil market, Nynas has developed a new highviscosity tyre oil.

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Better tyre recipes

Multivariate analysis tools can help Nynas and its customers to optimise the formulation of tyre rubber compounds, Nynas researchers conclude after some initial tests.

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Getting a grip on future tyres

Tyre rubber made with naphthenic oil displays good quality and performance yet also adheres to new EU health, safety and environmental legislation. Nynas' Marika Rangstedt presents a study in which Nytex 4700 fared very well when compared with alternative extender oils.

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Mystery property helps tailor new extender oils

The glass transition temperature is a well-established indicator of tyre performance, yet it is one of the major mysteries of material science. In this article, Nynas researcher Martina Levin outlines how the unravelling of this elusive parameter can assist the development of new optimised extender oils.

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The brains of Nynas: Kamyar Alavi

Born in Iran, Kamyar Alavi moved to Sweden as a young boy with his family in 1984. Kamyar got his Masters in Chemical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), where he later gained his PhD in Polymer Technology. He first joined Nynas in 2007. In 2013, he moved to Singapore to head Nynas’ technical development and market support for chemical and tyre industries in the region. Find out what is on Kamyar's mind.

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