PMB with biogenic material reduces climate impact

Nypol RE is a newly developed, polymer-modified bitumen with biogenic material that increases the useful life of the pavement while reducing climate impact.


Bitumen to focus on core European markets

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and Nynas is now taking strategic steps to strengthen its competitiveness in core markets. Nynas will create a business footprint focusing on customers in the naphthenics and bitumen market in Europe, and significantly improve efficiency to deliver a competitive customer experience. Furthermore, Nynas will focus on four strategic sustainability areas: product development, environment and climate change, health and safety as well as people and society.


Appreciated Safety Day in Norway

To minimise the risk of accidents and injuries when loading and unloading bitumen, Nynas holds annual driver meetings.


Brains of Nynas: Sarah Badley

Sarah Badley works as Bitumen Sales Manager, covering the North of England, but is also responsible for the Nynas Bitumen Customer Service Centre in the UK. She joined Nynas in 2014, having spent many years working in the motor industry with brands including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Find out what's on her mind.


All the key players are working together to achieve the best possible result.

Katri Eskola, Specialist Road Maintenance Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Talking point: The COVID-19 pandemic


The Moment
05 heinäkuuta
Sundsvall, Sweden

As vaccination rates increase, it is once more possible to start meeting up again out at the production plants, of course in accordance with official recommendations. On one of the hottest days of the summer, Fredrik Andersson, the person responsible for Nynas sales of bitumen in Northern Sweden, visited Skanska’s asphalt plant in Sundsvall. There he met Production Manager Viktor Petersson to discuss future deliveries, safety when handling bitumen and ongoing road projects.

The plant, which was officially opened in 2016, is one of the biggest in Northern Sweden with a production capacity of 240 tonnes per hour and the facility to manufacture both low-temperature asphalt and mixes that contains a significant proportion of reclaimed asphalt. This autumn, Nynas will be supplying the plant with bitumen to be used in the production of asphalt for various Skanska projects in the region.


Ring road around Umeå, Sweden

Umeå, the biggest city in the northern part of Sweden, has for many years had problems with poor air quality due to heavy traffic passing through central parts of the city. To meet environmental quality standards, and also to improve road safety and accessibility, a new, 30-kilometre ring road is currently being built around the city.


Ancona, Italy

As part of Nynas wide-ranging research and development initiatives, there are several collaborations under way with both customers and research institutes. One of these is a research project with the University of Ancona in Eastern Italy.


Cold mix technology in the spotlight

New, advanced analysis methods to study the interaction between bitumen emulsions and mineral surfaces provide an important contribution to achieving sustainability benefits.


Natural bitumen in the Tower of Babel

Researchers have been able to show that bricks in the mighty tower were bonded with natural bitumen


Asfalttikallio acquires NCC’s Finnish asphalt business

Asfalttikallio Oy is a Finnish road paving company that was founded in 2012. It is now taking a major step in its continued expansion through the acquisition of NCC’s Finnish asphalt business.

Sustainable Development

Rethinking road resurfacing

The three Rs of the circular economy – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – could be used as the promoting mantra for UK based OCL Regeneration as they pave the way for more sustainable road resurfacing practices.

Airport runway renovation

Skanska has been renovating large parts of the runway at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. They chose the polymer modified bitumen Nynas Endura Z3 to ensure the highest quality.