Base oil case stories

Want to know what it's like to have Nynas as a supplier and partner? To hear the words of our customers, click on the links and we will take you to their locations around the world. You will find case stories from all over the world describing how our customers work together with us in order to create mutual value through innovative solutions.

Searching for perfection

An Egyptian innovator on the hunt for the perfect grease specifications has found a recipe for success in NYNAS® T 600.

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A successful partnership

Nynas’ strong partnership with one of Greece’s leading lubricant producers has not only shown the region’s customers the benefits of naphthenics over paraffinic oils, but also resulted in significant environmental gains through energy savings.

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Partners in research

With its high focus on R&D, MORESCO Thailand’s partnership with Nynas has shown great success and resulted in a new type of product in the company’s portfolio.

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Recipe for success

Intent on constantly upgrading their lubrication products, Carl Bechem India needs top quality base oils and reliable ‘just-in-time’ delivery. Naphthenic oils and Nynas deliver on both fronts.

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The ace of base

Zeller+Gmelin is renowned for its high-quality industrial lubricants. As the company approaches its 150th anniversary, it is stepping up its partnership with Nynas.

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A wind of change

Sotugraisse, located outside Tunis, Tunisia, specializes in the production of grease and lubricants. The company produces a range of different greases and used to only use paraffinic oil in their grease production, but recently made the switch to using Nynas naphthenic oil in some of their products.

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Cool targets

With an ambitious plan for increasing its exports, Spanish grease producer Verkol is confident that naphthenic oil will help it to reach new markets, particularly in colder parts of the world.

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