Punt Val Mulinaun, Switzerland

High-quality waterproofing of a bridge is generally carried out using mastic asphalt. This is all the more true if there are increased stresses due to climatic conditions or traffic loads. One example is the Punt-Val-Mulinaun arch bridge on the Oberalpstrasse H19 in Graubünden, Switzerland.

This construction was completed in 2017 and is situated more than 1 000 m above sea level. The company Aeschlimann AG uses project-specific construction systems for the waterproofing; in this case, the bridge pavement consists of 3 layers of mastic asphalt MA 11.

The application work was rail-guided in order to create an even and homogeneous surface. Part of the concept for a durable bridge pavement is the use of Nynas Endura N5, a specially developed Premium PMB, that delivers an optimal balance between workability and resistance to permanent deformations in the asphalt.