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08-10-2020 16:21

The brains of Nynas - Carolina Hurtado

Carolina manages PQ&TS, which is dedicated to monitoring and maintaining Nynas’ product quality throughout the production and handling chain to customers. Find out what's on her mind.


Technical support
My team is very focused on quality assurance, and since the support provided is worldwide, events occur all the time. The main task is to give advice in different situations, often with short lead times. My work as a manager includes working in close contact with the team, which is located in Sweden, Germany and Argentina, and with some support from Singapore. The collaboration between and expertise of the team members are crucial for finding the best way to safeguard quality and deliver to customer as agreed.

Proactive HSSE work
The planning of HSSE work is done in collaboration with the team’s HSSE&Q coordinator. This first part of the year it included discussions about and structuring of the Covid-19 Contingency Plan for the team. Upcoming work will be to continue to risk assess the situation and produce the best plan for the team to secure operations.

Negotiating supplier contracts and service
Through the PQ&TS (Product Quality & Technical Services) organisation, we have different critical suppliers with which we continuously review services and contracts. The sanctions that are now removed created a lot of work in this area, with re-negotiations being necessary, but in most cases it is a matter of improving the terms for Nynas.

Ensuring compliance with standards and requirements
PQ&TS work is structured to comply with ISO standards (ISO9001, ISO140001 and 45001), Nynas’ policies and customer-specific Specification and Quality Assurance Agreements. All these requirements need to be evaluated, addressed in structures, workflows and follow-up processes such as deviation evaluation and internal and external audits.

My main hobby is riding. Dressage is a sport that requires a lot of focus, balance and collaboration with the horse. I also love art and am now coordinating the purchase of art for the Nynas Art Club and participating in Art History courses. Gardening at home is also an everlasting project that I enjoy a lot.


Carolina Hurtado
Educated at Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University, Carolina started her career within the pharmaceutical Industry. A desire for change led her to the Nynas Inspection lab IOM team in 2005, followed by managerial positions at the Nynäshamn Inspection Lab and within Technical Service. She now manages PQ&TS, which is dedicated to monitoring and maintaining Nynas’ product quality throughout the production and handling chain to customers.



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