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Nynas, as the Bitumen Specialist, acknowledges the importance of bitumen consistency to the emulsion producer. Therefore, Nynas offers a wide range of bitumen which is consistent in its quality and which has been specially selected for emulsion production: the Nybit E binders.
  • Consistent and guaranteed origin
  • Easy to emulsify
  • Acidic in nature and do not require additives to enhance their acidity
  • Consistent acid value delivery after delivery
  • Less sensitive to ageing and long term physical hardening

Nybit E binders can be used with all standard emulsifiiers and emulsions can be produced using conventional equipment. Nynas expert teams and dedicated laboratories are available to assist in the formulations of your emulsions as required.

Product information

We provide CE marked bitumen for paving applications in accordance with the applicable EN specifications. CE marking is an EU official confirmation that our products fulfill the product specifications and the essential requirements of the Construction Products Directive.

Simply choose your product below and you will find all the information you need about our products – including safety, product and CE data sheets.


Case study

Expressway S10 (Montaniec, Poland)

The expressway is S10 between Szczecin (Poland’s largest Baltic seaport) and Motaniec, in the north west of the country; it carries 17,000 vehicles a day, 12% of these heavy goods vehicles. Read more about Expressway S10 (Montaniec, Poland)

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